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Who we are?

Guillaume Touroul-Chevalerie
Guillaume Touroul-Chevalerie
+33 6 50 65 45 43
The story of Jane Real Estate started during a getaway weekend with my wife in Le Cap Ferret.

I went to the village of Le Cap Ferret in order to find my wife a birthday gift. I was walking on the Boulevard de la Plage, and I heard music coming from a store named « Jane de Boy » which caught my attention.

I remembered that some of my “fashionista” friends had already told me about the store on how they were absolutely crazy about it.

As soon as I walked in, I realized I would not leave this unique place without buying something. I was welcomed by Marie, a petite blond woman with glasses on and a large smile. No doubt about the fact that she was the boss..

One year later, as my wife’s birthday was about to come, I decided to go back to the Jane de Boy store.

I met Marie again who introduced me to Georges Simon, her husband, a workaholic, Cap Ferret Lover, and driven by extreme sports. We became friends and quickly started to imagine a partnership business plan.

We had the idea of joining forces, their business experience and mine (at the time I was manager of the prestigious Real Estate Agency, at Pyla sur Mer to run our own real estate business that would hold our DNA and express our vision.

Giving a woman’s name such as Jane to our Luxury Real Estate Agency in Le Basin d'Arcachon and Bordeaux came very naturally; voluntarily different, it is a direct reference to Jane de Boy’s brand as well as a little tribute to women who usually have the final word when it is about finding a beautiful home for their family.

Since 2016, with my professional background in many different fields in France and abroad, my highly qualified team and I now are devoted to this exciting project.
The ongoing growth of the city of Bordeaux really inspired me to pursue my real estate activity.

I now feel that my expertise is quite solid about the Luxury Real Estate market, not just in Bordeaux City, but also in its surroundings such as the Bay of Arcachon, beachfront properties in Le Cap Ferret and Pyla Sur Mer and more...

Real Estate is my passion and my clients are not only happy homeowners but have also become friends.