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Who we are?

Guillaume Touroul-Chevalerie
Guillaume Touroul-Chevalerie
+33 6 50 65 45 43
Jane was born from a meeting… as it often happens.

I first met the city of Bordeaux, where it all started.
I arrived from my home region Normandy at the age of 20 with a truck from the family company.
We usually used it to deliver to the customers of my parents’ furniture store.
There have been seven generations of upholsterers, decorators, carpenters as well as more recently furniture stores, which are still run by my young sister.

Bordeaux was in these times undergoing a huge transformation, a complete makeover.
I’ve kept the crazy energy of that time.
A strong city with a beating heart that drives you.

For a weekend we went with my friends to Cap Ferret… Love at first sight. This peninsula and all these villages : Lège, Claouey, Le Four, Les Jacquets, Petit Piquey, Grand Piquey, Piraillan, Le Canon, L'herbe, La Vigne, Le Cap Ferret and all these streets with birds’ names.

Far from my Normandy beaches, I found here the calm and the wide landscapes that are so inspiring and energizing. A real paradise.

Later, the first ride on water.. A truly magical moment where the Bay was still attracting me.

Then, Pyla, the Dune and its stunning sunsets.

My life was there.

The years were going by far from my family.
One of the women of my life, the one who was there on my first day, had to leave us too soon.
She was such an example of kindness, rightness, love, strength, independence and bravery.
A lifetime signature.

At that time, I was at the head of a luxury real estate agency located on the Arcachon Bay.

Businessman since my youngest age, I wanted to live my adventure.
So I founded « Jane ».

A wink to the women who have a crucial opinion when it comes to find a beautiful property for their family.

In just a few years, I became an expert on seafront villas in Cap Ferret and Pyla-sur-Mer. The sales of these prestigious villas has become a passion and the new happy owners has become friends.