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In short

Our promise

At Jane’s, we believe in love at first sight and we provoke it. Seller or buyer, we will turn your project into a success by providing you a personalised service and by offering you an expertise up to your projects. No matter your needs, we are pleased to help each of our clients. You want to sell your property with equanimity and have expectations really particular ? At Jane’s, we have established a follow-up of quality and a complete support. Sincere, transparent and reactive, our team is involved but mainly attentive permanently to the market, its fluctuation and realities. Future buyer ? We believe in everyone’s singularity. Thus, we accomplish everything to find the property that will suit you, to you and no one else. You are looking for a holiday rental or would like to organise a particular event, made to measure ? We rely on uniqueness and originality of any experience. Our team has reached to develop the necessary in order to offer you the most wonderful stay.

About us

Jane is an estate agency, specialised in the sale of properties of exception. Since 2016, we have in heart to find the rare gem that will make your familial project a success. To Jane, real luxury is about lifestyle. Private mansions in Bordeaux, vineyards, villas on the Bay of Arcachon but also new programs, discover our properties for sale. We also offer you a holiday renting service, in Bordeaux and in the Bay on Arcachon. You would like to organise an event (wedding, seminar, reception, filming) ? Jane takes care of everything and proposes you the property that suits your projects.

Our values

Expertise and trust are our key words. Jane has a strong identity which works on lifestyle. We provide a personalised support to each of our clients. We believe establishing a reliable relationship is essentiel to the pursue of a real project. We carefully listen to your needs but firstly, we are available. So then lasting relationship are born and grow up. Jane is also about that; believing in true encounters, in family and professional values that gather us. But it is also believing in freedom of being different, to maintain our own lifestyle and to maintain our own desires. These are the exchange and the involvement that permit us to apprehend but mostly understand the stakes of your demand. Our aim: discern and assimilate your needs to propose you an exceptional service, but mainly based on your lifestyle and on who you are. Everything with respect, sincerity and discreetness. Above all, our team is composed of real estate professionals, qualified, recognised and determined to help you.

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