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New building programs

Jane is now offering you her selection of new build properties.

Would you like to acquire a property while enjoying the advantages of new property? Don't wait any longer and discover the buying opportunities that are available to you, whether it is a project for a primary or secondary residence or a rental investment. The properties we offer meet our demanding criteria: a prime location combined with quality services: beautiful surfaces, floods of light and top-of-the-range materials.
Located in the Bordeaux metropolis, our properties for sale will allow you to take advantage of the interests of the new build properties, in the heart of a dynamic and rapidly developing city. Do you have a penchant for the charm and tranquility of the coast? We also have opportunities in the Arcachon Bay.

Our team will support you throughout the process and make your VEFA purchase a success.
Beautiful contemporary house with garden and swimming pool
4 bedrooms - 136m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-504
Beautiful Bordeaux Loft
3 bedrooms - 120m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-514
Beautiful family villa in the heart of Bordeaux
4 bedrooms - 160m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-515
Family house with garden
3 bedrooms - 95m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-516
Beautiful apartment T3 in the heart of Saint Augustin
BORDEAUX Saint-Augustin
2 bedrooms - 69m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-490
T5 Duplex apartment
4 bedrooms - 121m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-491
Exceptional T5 luxury apartment
4 bedrooms - 220m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-497
Spacious T4 Apartment
3 bedrooms - 120m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-499
Appartement Type 3
2 bedrooms - 81m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-493
Apartment in the heart of Bordeaux
2 bedrooms - 49m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-492
Land 960m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
957m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-415
Land 830m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
830m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-414
Land 820m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
820m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-413
Terrain 830m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
800m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-406
Land 800m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
804m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-412
Land 1020m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
1022m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-411
Land 1050m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
1047m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-410
Land 800m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
800m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-409
Land 830m2
ARCACHON Abatilles
829m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-405
New property in in the heart of Chartrons
BORDEAUX Chartrons
3 bedrooms - 90m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-378
Prestigious rehabilitation
BORDEAUX Chartrons
2 bedrooms - 80m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-372
Duplex in new property
BORDEAUX Chartrons
3 bedrooms - 83m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-373
Triplex in the new property
BORDEAUX Chartrons
4 bedrooms - 125m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-374
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