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The most trendy city in the world! *

"The Sleeping Beauty" is now fully awake and has been buzzing since Lonely Planet ranked it Nº 1 in its top 10 most trendy cities in the world in 2017. Yet another distinction for the capital of Aquitaine , Already distinguished as "European Best Destination" in 2015 and classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

More dynamic than ever, boosted by the arrival of the fast Train TGV and dicongested by the commissioning of the tramway, Bordeaux metamorphosed thanks to major architectural works led by Mayor Alain Juppé. Thus, the wholly renovated wharves became the preferred walk of the Bordelais, the former hangars rehabilitated in fashion shops and art galleries, the new football stadium Matmut Atlantique where the Girondins Football team plays in front of their supporters and most recently the inauguration of the Cité mondial du Vin with its audacious architectural lines.
The circle is complete with the vineyard tradition remaining an ancestral heritage jealously guarded, with 120 000 hectares of vines all around the city. Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac, Médoc, Blaye, Entre-deux-Mers, Graves, Sauternes ... All these world renowned names that evoke the magnificent properties, landscapes and vineyards of Bordeaux. The unique oenological know-how of the region has built the wealth of Bordeaux and allowed itself, with its commercial port, to become a city of history and major architecture, illustrated by Place de la Bourse, Le Grand Théâtre ... Better than anywhere else, the great style of the 18th century is expressed with magnificence in the Golden triangle, the most chic and coveted place of the city with the district Tourny, the Cours Georges Clémenceau and the Cours of the Intendance. There are some of the most beautiful buildings of Bordeaux, majestic stone buildings, splendid mansions with ornate façades ... This exceptional environment, very pleasant to live in daily, gathers some of the most beautiful shops and highly rated restaurants of the country.

Bordeaux property market is very prosperous, with rising values, buyers more confident than ever and investors increasingly numerous. Moreover, the demographic figures prove it, with a growth of more than 13% for a population of 248 000 inhabitants intramuros and 720 000 for the CUB (Community Urban of Bordeaux). Each year, more than 2000 new residents are seduced by the quality of life and the pleasant climate of a metropolis located only 60 km from the ocean. Not to mention the growing tourism, which more and more enjoys a getaway in Bordeaux and its great surroundings.

The Best-Of 2017 - Lonely Planet Guide / October 2016

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beautiful apartment with terrace
BORDEAUX Chartrons
4 bedrooms - 197m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-598
Beautiful contemporary house
BORDEAUX Chartrons
4 bedrooms - 200m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-581
Magnificent stone building
280m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-586
character apartment
3 bedrooms - 208m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-589
Fully renovated apartment
BORDEAUX Saint-Pierre
1 bedroom - 69m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-588
Superb property with swimming pool
BORDEAUX Alentours
6 bedrooms - 507m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-580
Superb Duplex with terrace
BORDEAUX Chartrons
3 bedrooms - 102m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-562
Prestigious apartment in the heart of the city
BORDEAUX Triangle d'or
2 bedrooms - 120m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-547
Charming house
BORDEAUX Alentours
5 bedrooms - 550m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-561
Magnificent manor house
BORDEAUX Alentours
7 bedrooms - 498m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-556
Bourgeois-style house
BORDEAUX Saint-Genès
5 bedrooms - 330m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-456
Charming property
BORDEAUX Alentours
9 bedrooms - 650m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-554
Exceptional property with panoramic view
4 bedrooms - 700m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-550
Property with swimming pool
BORDEAUX Rive Droite
4 bedrooms - 200m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-548
Remarkable mansion with vineyards
BORDEAUX Saint-Emilion
7 bedrooms - 540m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-545
magnificent Arcachonese
6 bedrooms - 450m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-549
Beautiful stone building
BORDEAUX Jardin Public
4 bedrooms - 305m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-544
Wonderful house near Bordeaux
BORDEAUX Alentours
6 bedrooms - 367m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-197
Large mansion with swimming pool
BORDEAUX Saint Emilion
4 bedrooms - 357m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-540
beautiful 19th century Girondine
BORDEAUX Cubnezais
5 bedrooms - 400m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-537
Duplex apartment
BORDEAUX Chartrons
3 bedrooms - 131m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-382
Gorgeous town house
5 bedrooms - 290m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-533
Apartment in a private mansion
BORDEAUX Triangle d'or
3 bedrooms - 137m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-528
Beautiful country property
15 bedrooms - 505m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-530
BORDEAUX Alentours
8 bedrooms - 450m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-502
fabulous castle near the vineyard
BORDEAUX Alentours
10 bedrooms - 1035m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-496
Beautiful castle with vineyards
BORDEAUX Saint-Emilion
13 bedrooms - 600m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-508
Beautiful pleasure property
BORDEAUX Alentours
4 bedrooms - 260m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-521
Superb mansion
BORDEAUX Alentours
5 bedrooms - 450m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-500
Beautiful bright apartment
2 bedrooms - 126m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-517
Beautiful apartment
4 bedrooms - 180m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-518
Exceptional castle
9 bedrooms - 600m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-512
Charming property
8 bedrooms - 740m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-506
Charming apartment
BORDEAUX Saint Seurin
2 bedrooms - 68m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-494
Stud farm near Bordeaux
BORDEAUX Alentours
5 bedrooms - 850m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-267
Beautiful property
BORDEAUX Alentours
4 bedrooms - 690m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-381
XVIIIth century castle
7 bedrooms - 1000m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-474
Architect house
BORDEAUX Alentours
3 bedrooms - 400m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-460
splendid contemporary house with swimming pool
BORDEAUX Chartrons
6 bedrooms - 350m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-462
Authentic castle
6 bedrooms - 370m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-432
splendid contemporary house with swimming pool
4 bedrooms - 190m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-443
Prestigious apartment
BORDEAUX Triangle d'Or
2 bedrooms - 150m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-441
fabulous castle with dependencies
BORDEAUX Saint-Emillion
10 bedrooms - 1300m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-434
Beautiful property
BORDEAUX Saint-Emilion
6 bedrooms - 350m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-435
Mansion house and its outhouses
BORDEAUX Alentours
5 bedrooms - 1200m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-427

BORDEAUX Saint-Michel
3 bedrooms - 180m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-396
Architect house
4 bedrooms - 380m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-392
Beautiful property
4 bedrooms - 400m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-391
bright apartment in Quinconces
BORDEAUX Quinconces
2 bedrooms - 92m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-385
splendid castle with Palladian architecture
BORDEAUX Alentours
9 bedrooms - 1100m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-384
Beautiful apartment in the heart of the city
BORDEAUX Sainte-Catherine
4 bedrooms - 138m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-380
Superb house in Bordeaux
BORDEAUX Saint-Genès
5 bedrooms - 190m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-266
Prestigious castle
BORDEAUX Alentours
12 bedrooms - 525m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-350
Peaceful property with swimming pool and tennis court
BORDEAUX Saint-André-de-Cubzac
6 bedrooms - 300m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-332
Wonderful property near Bordeaux
BORDEAUX Alentours
11 bedrooms - 680m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-177
Majestic property with guesthouse
BORDEAUX Alentours
11 bedrooms - 750m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-076
Secluded property close to Bordeaux with 15 acres parc
BORDEAUX Alentours
6 bedrooms - 460m2 of living space
Ref. : JA1-035
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